• Vaginal Applicator device


    These medical grade empty applicators are great for do-it yourself vaginal treatments .

     I speak about Greek yogurt and garlic for yeast infections and vaginal odor a lot. They really work to bring your pH to a safe level  

    Inserting the yogurt can be very messy! All you have to do is insert the yogurt in this applicator to avoid the mess and get a better treatment . 

    A healthy diet will naturally keep you balanced but sometimes our daily lives, sex and too much birthday cake can make us unbalanced. I enjoy being a woman and my own person ,That's why I offer so many options for your yoni. We are all different and we should have options. 

    Natural Do-it-yourself  Remedies for yeast infection: 

    • Yogurt & Kefir
    • Probiotics pills
    • Boric acid.
    • Garlic.
    • Tea tree oil.

    Applicator should be thrown away after 60 days.