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"I love helping people. I cater to women because I love women. The womb is the creator of all life and should be appreciated and healthy at all times. I'm here to offer you high quality products for the price it should be. I want you to be able to take care of yourself without going broke." ~ Nerissa Irving

Yoni means vagina or womb. Yoni Eggs are gem/crystals carved into an egg shape. They are used to heal your womb, strengthen your mind and spirit, and strengthen (tighten) your vaginal walls. Also known as Kegel Weights, Jade eggs, Kegel eggs. Start with a Large or a Large from the Small sets if you are a beginner.

Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz are great for beginners. Start with a large and work your way down to a small. You can pick an egg by your zodiac, what chakra you want to work on, health issues or by your current emotions.

Don't Forget to do your kegels ladies. Why wouldn't you want to enhance your orgasms and have healthy, strong reproductive organs!!

Naturotica Yoni Eggs come in 5 custom sizes. Our Yoni Eggs are smaller than most sellers so don't compare our sizes with other stores. Please carefully read before ordering because you will not get a refund if our size doesn't match another sellers size.

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