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Please do not compare the size of Natu Eggs to the size of other sellers. Our eggs are smaller than most sellers because we have custom sizes! Natu Yoni Eggs are specifically made in different sizes to tone  and heal you.  You will not get a refund if our egg is not the same size as the other sellers. My Sizes are recommended by my gynecologist.

What are yoni eggs?

The concept of yoni eggs go back to over 5,000 years ago. The yoni egg, also known as the “jade” egg, and known by Nerissa as the Lotus Egg, was used by empresses and concubines. The practice of using a yoni egg, is known in Asia as Vaginal Kung Fu, this holistic practice was mainly used to strengthen the vaginal muscles and improve the chi for longevity and vitality, to awaken divine sexual energy and sensuality, and to produce overall good health. 

Yoni is the symbol of the Goddess (Shakti or Devi), the Hindu Divine Mother. Within Shaivism, the sect dedicated to the god Shiva, the yoni symbolizes his consort. The male counterpart of the yoni is Shiva’s lingam. Their union represents the eternal process of creation and regeneration. Since late 19th century, some have interpreted the yoni and the lingam as aniconic representations of the vulva and a phallus respectively. The term “yoni” is Sanskrit for vagina or womb, meaning “sacred place”. The yoni eggs typically are made in small, medium, and large sizes. 

Although Kegels can be done without a yoni egg and you will still get all the physical benefits, lotus eggs provide the ultimate form of exercise for the pelvic floor muscle.

“Kegel exercises are simple clench-and-release exercises that you can do to make the muscles of your pelvic floor stronger. Your pelvis is the area between your hips that holds your reproductive organs. The pelvic floor is really a series of muscles and tissues that forms a sling, or hammock, at the bottom of your pelvis. This sling holds your organs in place."

Kegels with or without a yoni egg can be done anywhere, it’s like having a little secret only you and your lotus knows about.

What makes our lotus eggs different from others? 

Lotus/Yoni Eggs are customized specifically for your yoni. This is what separate our eggs from others. The eggs we carry are smaller than most sellers. Our eggs are recommended by Nerissa Irving’s gynecologist. Using a yoni egg allows you to have an intimate experience with your yoni. Connecting with your yoni will heighten your level of confidence inside and outside the bedroom, so get comfortable with her and let your Lotus egg do the rest. 

Lotus/Yoni Eggs are healing crystals that goes beyond physical healing, using yoni eggs can provide spiritual healing as well, which will only add to your divine power of femininity. 

*First time yoni egg/jade egg users should start with a large egg. 

For beginners: 

 Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz are great for those who are new to using a yoni egg. We suggest that you start with a large egg and work your way down to a small. Larger eggs are for beginners and smaller eggs are for well trained . 

Lotus/Yoni Eggs can be picked according to your zodiac, a certain chakra you may want to align, health issues you are looking to heal, or by whatever your current mood may be. 

During/Post Pregnancy usage:  

“I used my Yoni/Lotus egg through my whole pregnancy but you might want to ask your doctor if it’s safe for you. Ask them if they recommend "Kegel Balls" or "Ben Wa balls" during pregnancy because they might not know what Yoni Eggs are.” –Nerissa Irving 

You have the option of 3 sizes (small, medium, large). It is highly recommended that you start with a large if you are a beginner Lotus egg user because the large eggs are easier to feel, therefore if you are new to using an egg, it will be easier for you to feel what you are actually doing, or if you are doing your kegels correctly. “The smaller the egg the more skill and muscular control it takes to manipulate and feel them”.

Small Set:

Large 45x30mm

Medium 40x25mm

Small 30x20mm



Large 45×35 

(Larger than large in Small Set)




 (Smaller than the medium in Small Set and Bigger than the small in Small Set)

String Options: 

Silicone: Toxic Free. Reusable and easy to clean

Cotton: Reusable. Wash after each use. Change every 2-3 weeks. Great for Vaginal Weight Lifting

Beeswax covered hemp string or plain string: Not Reusable

Dental Floss: Not Reusable

Why use a string? The string gives an added benefit of being able to tug on the egg for stimulation, exercises, and easy removal. "Yoni Tug of War"

What are the benefits of using Lotus Eggs?

  • Spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awareness Increase.
  • Emotional balancing.
  • Helps remove trauma stored in the womb.
  • Detoxifies the uterus/womb.
  • Massages the reflexology points in the vaginal wall.
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Tightens and tones the vaginal wall.
  • Increase vaginal lubrication.
  • Control vaginal muscle manipulation, enhancing sexual pleasure for you and your partner.
  • Prevents sagging of the uterus, rectum and bladder.
  • Increase hormones and regulate hormonal balance.
  • Helps with fertility.
  • Reduces cramping and abdominal pain during the menses.
  • Helps maintain a healthy reproductive organ.
  • It’s100% natural.

Directions for Use:

To insert egg, either squat down or lay down (whichever is more comfortable for you). Lubricate your vagina opening (the vulva) with lubricant. This can be an oil or whatever you typically use for lubrication. Gently push egg into vagina. This process is all about what feels most comfortable for you. 

Natu Lotus Egg Care:

Wash with your feminine wash and then let it air dry. Some people like to boil their egg but simply washing it with lukewarm water is good enough and it will help avoid cracks in your egg. Rinse thoroughly and be sure to wash your Natu Yoni Egg before and after use. Store in a safe, dry place when you are not using it. 

A message from Nerissa Irving:

I have been using yoni eggs for 8 years now. While I was well aware of the physical benefits of kegels, I was unaware of all the amazing spiritual benefits.

Learning about kegels brought my attention to Jade eggs (my first yoni egg). As you can see, I’m in love with my yoni! I will do any holistic thing to keep it healthy and orgasmic for as long as I can. Doing kegels made my child birthing experience so much better. There were no tears and I healed up pretty quickly. My midwife cleared me in 3 weeks. However, I still waited 6-8 weeks to have sex (sex is soo much better by the way, shout out to my Lotus Egg).

Each lotus egg (healing crystals) in the NatuRotica store, comes with a detailed healing description. Please read them and choose your egg wisely. Healing is all about positive energy and being in tune with yourself. When you meet your egg, use it with love and enjoy!