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*Genuine Certified Gems

*FDA Approved Medical Grade Silicone

*Organic Ingredients

"I love helping people. I cater to women because I love women. The womb is the creator of all life and should be appreciated and healthy at all times. I'm here to offer you high quality products for the price it should be. I want you to be able to take care of yourself without going broke." ~ Nerissa Irving

Owner Bio:

Nerissa Irving constantly reinvents herself and her brand while single-handedly creating a socially conscious lifestyle that allows her to empower others through her brands: Nene Organics, Naturotica, and Yoni Poppin. Where she spreads her message of love, inspiration, and healthy living to a worldwide audience.

She is a Jamaican-born Renaissance woman who has stayed true to her roots of organic living as evidenced with her signature crown of locs that kiss the ground. Always standing out and being a pioneer she challenged society’s standards of what is deemed beautiful as she graced the pages of Playboy Magazine as its first model with locs. Today, she is still continuing her firsts with her Yoni Poppin fitness business. Yoni Poppin is traveling fitness workshop where women are guided through an hour-long, full body, pelvic floor workout.  In these workshops she teaches women to enhance their sex life, keep physically fit, and healthy.

Nene Organics is a skin, and beauty product line with the mission to offer quality vegan and organic products that are not tested on animals. In keeping with her socially conscious message she uses her platform to educate adolescent girls on different ways to develop natural habits and routines that are conducive to producing and healthy feminine hygiene. Essence Magazine voted her Vagina Therapy product as one of the, “10 Amazingly Beauty Products Your Vagina Will Be Thankful For.

As a Sexpert through her Naturotica Line, she teaches the emotional and psychological aspects of sex for women, as she helps women discover the sensual Goddess within, and open up to what they need for sex to be great. As a reiki practitioner she helps women to release and remove blocks from their sacral chakra with the help of crystal healing from her NeNe Organic’s yoni egg collection.

Understanding the importance of remaining responsible her Mommy and Mali digital cards through her Naturotica Wellness shop uses different illustrations to bring awareness to the importance of educating girls with discussions about sex, feminine hygiene, menstrual cycles, and various other topics.

This entrepreneur shows no signs of slowing down as she offers wholesale opportunities through Naturotica Wellness for doulas, midwives and social events created for women worldwide.

Nerissa Irving continues to use her platform by being the positivity she desires to see in the world. She looks to the her business growth in the future while she embraces motherhood, promotes women empowerment, educates the community on healthier alternatives, teaches sexual liberation, and the overall importance of being self-aware.