Medium Goldstone


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Size: 35×25

Zodiac: Sagittarius


Goldstone: a variety of aventurine containing sparkling gold-colored particles

Goldstone is a gemstone that helps the wearer to attain his goal with less effort. It makes the person calm and gives him strength so that he may stabilize his emotions. This gem is also considered as a protection stone that acts as the power creator and removes all the negative powers and the energies that are unwanted. It is also popular for its healing properties as it revitalizes the energy field of the one who wears it.

The metaphysical properties of copper is well composed in goldstone that strengthen the circulatory system, bones and lowers down the pain that is caused due to arthritis.

It comes in various colors like green, blue purple and brown color. Each color that is exhibited by this stone is meant for a type of energy that is radiated from it.

Metaphysical Properties of Goldstone gemThere are various metaphysical properties and uses of this stone. Some of them are mentioned below; the wearer may have a look:

  • This stone is also considered as a spiritual protector because of its reflective and transparent gaze. It also allows the flow of energy between the spiritual and physical realms.
  • This stone brings a good charm and abundance for the wearer. It evaluates the risk and enhances the confidence of the person so that he may be the winner.
  • When you want to be out for a business trip or any adventurous tours then you may carry this gem along with you so that you may feel safe from any type of mishaps. That’s why this stone is also referred to as a protection gem.
  • This stone is also popular for reading the future trends.
  • Goldstone is an attractive gem piece that magnetizes the abundance, harmonizes all types of relationships and motivates the creativity of the wearer.
  • It is also used for physical vitality, energy work and charging other minerals.
  • The copper brown color of this stone connects it to the Sacral Chakra that is located on the spine.
  • This stone is used to remove heavy emotions, balances the mental pressure and make the wearer more creative.
  • The second chakra that is Sacral Chakra represents the womb.
  • Goldstone helps us in developing the things that we want to manifest.

Other properties of Gemstone

  • This stone is a great stone that exhibits positive energy.
  • It revitalizes the energy of the one who wears it.
  • It makes the person creative so that he may improve his life and take it on the track.
  • It makes the person happy by inducing the positive and happy thoughts in his mind.
  • It protects the body, simulates us physically and mentally.