Medium Carnelian


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Size 35x25mm


This Crystal Should be cleansed under luke warm water!!!

"This stone represents confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic

abilities, assertiveness and outgoingness. Precision, analysis,

stimulates appetite, encourages celebration and brings awareness of

feelings. It is the stone of passion and sexuality and is associated

with the Sacral/Spleen Chakra. This stone helps you feel anchored and

comfortable with your surroundings. Provides a connection to the past

or to historical events. Carnelian can improve motivation. Helps one

achieve greater success in career or personal matters. Helps ground

people who meditate. Carnelian is one of the most helpful crystals

for healing trauma, stress and emotional wounds that have accumulated

in the etheric body or the Aura and are now manifesting as physical


Folk Remedies: This stone is one of the best for fertility issues.

Carnelian is believed to warm, cleanses and purify the blood of the

liver and kidneys, stimulate appetite, emotions, passion, sexuality,

physical energy, reproductive system, menstrual cramps, arthritis,

gall bladder, pancreas. Historically also used to pull excess fever

out through the feet. Carnelian is said to strongly influence the

reproductive organs hence its connection to the 2nd Chakra and is

excellent for lower back trouble.