Yoni Renew (Rejuvenate)


 Yoni Renew (Rejuvenate)  by NeneOrganics.com 

Herbal pH Balanced Vaginal Gel

  • Gets rid of abscesses 
  • Gets rid of odor
  • Lubricates
  • Stops itching
  • Can improve irregular menstruation
  • Improves vagina's natural self cleaning functions. 
  • Removes vaginal stains 
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-fungal
  • Improves disease resistance 
  • Tightens

(4 Gels come in an order)

Pregnant women, virgins and women on their menstrual period should not use. Refrain from using if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Remember, what works for someone else might not work for you. Women who are breastfeeding cannot use.

Cervical erosion: 2 week treatment (8 gels needed)

Vaginitis: 1 week treatment  (4 gels)

Full Directions in package !  Best to use before bed . Diet suggestions come in order

I suggest you start taking probiotics. Ultimate Flora "womens complete" 90 billion is best


Colloidal Silver , Turmeric oil, Buckthorn oil, Alkannin, Mint oil, Borneol, Dong Quai, Aloe vera, Motherwort, Amur Corktree Bark

Colloidal Silver: The Yeast Fighter

"Research has shown that colloidal silver is a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections. Acting as a catalyst, colloidal silver has been shown to disable the enzyme that single celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need to metabolize oxygen. They suffocate without corresponding harm occurring to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry. The result is the destruction of disease causing organisms in the body and in food.

The presence of colloidal silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any other single celled pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, its chemical lung, so to speak. Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies, and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which destroy beneficial enzymes, colloidal silver leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact, as they are radically different from the enzymes of primitive singe-celled life. Thus colloidal silver is absolutely safe for humans, reptiles, plants and all multi-celled living matter"~ http://www.naturesarsenal.com/articles/colloidalsilver.aspx

Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis) : The Female Ginseng

"Dong quai is an aromatic herb that grows in China, Korea, and Japan. The reputation of Dong quai is second only to Ginseng and is considered the ultimate, all-purpose woman's tonic herb. It is used for almost every gynecological complaint from regulating the menstrual cycle to treating menopausal symptoms caused by hormonal changes.
The root has earned a reputation as the ultimate herb for women's condition over the centuries, and it is used to restore balance to a woman's hormones and cycles and is helpful in restoring menstrual regularity and for conditions of the reproductive system. It is not recommended during pregnancy, for women with excessive menstrual flow or for people taking blood thinning agents.
The herb is frequently used by the Chinese as a strengthening treatment for the heart, spleen, liver and kidneys. Both men and women use the herb as a general blood tonic.

This female ginseng has been used for centuries in China to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce menstrual pain and cramping. It helps women regain normal menstrual cycles after taking birth control pill, and it has also proven helpful to relieve hot flashes during menopause of older women. Dong quai can be used for insomnia and blood pressure stability for both men and women, it can reduce PMS and may help anemia, suppressed menstrual flow, uterine bleeding, abdominal pain after childbirth, dry intestines, chronic pelvic disorders and constipation or headaches due to blood deficiency. Dong quai roots help the liver utilize more oxygen and therefore can be useful in treating hepatitis and cirrhosis. It may also help with abnormal protein metabolism. Dong quai helps dilate peripheral blood vessels, increase blood circulation, and they are also used as a mild laxative.
Angelica herb used in the treatment of female problems such as hot flashes, menopause, PMS, and vaginal dryness is really efficient, and it also increases the effect of ovarian/testicular hormones." ~ http://www.asiansnakewine.com/chinese-medicine-dong-quai-angelica-sinensis-information-about-chinese-herbs-where-order-dong-quai.html

Turmeric oil: Pain Reliever, Anti-Inflammatory

"Estrogen is one of the female sex hormones that is essential for the menstrual cycle and fertility of females. Turmeric has proven estrogenic activity- it mimics the activity of the hormone. Curcumin acts as a weak phytoestrogen- estrogen obtained from a plant source. This could be suggestive of its therapeutic role in female reproductive disorders.

Benefits during periods: Turmeric is known to decrease intensity and pain experienced during periods. I searched this over internet and found out that this is a very common problem today with so many females. Turmeric’s antispasmodic action can help with menstrual cramps. While there are many medicines available today for this problem, but using turmeric can provide a great natural choice.

Scientists in Thailand have investigated the antispasmodic effect of curcuminoids on uterine contractions. Curcuminoids, at a concentration of 8microgram/ml and 16 microgram/ml, aided in reducing the force and frequency of induced contractions in smooth muscles of rat uterus.

Back pain and overall body ache are the common complaints associated with menstrual cycles. Women generally resort to over the counter available painkillers. The use of painkillers or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) for long term can pose side effects such as gastrointestinal upset, gastritis, acidity, kidney failure etc. As a herbal alternative to painkillers turmeric powder can be consumed within the limit of 400-600mg thrice a day. Curcumin is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and it combats pain in a similar way as painkillers but does not cause adverse effects.

Turmeric is one herb which brings back uterus back in proper shape and functioning. Some also believe that turmeric also helps in balancing hormones which in turn are responsible for breakouts, irregular periods etc.

Normalizing menstruation: Turmeric has a property of being an emmenagogue. Emmenagogues are herbs which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus, also some of them stimulate menstruation. Turmeric purifies and moves stagnant blood which normalizes menstruation.

Another benefit of turmeric arises from the fact that it is a mild and supportive uterine stimulant. Uterine stimulants (uterotonics) are medications given to cause a woman’s uterus to contract, or to increase the frequency and intensity of the contractions. I must add that in some situations this can also be a problem. Thus it is always advised for pregnant and lactating mothers to take turmeric after consultation with their doctor. " ~ http://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-benefits/how-turmeric-benefits-female-reproductive-system

Buckthorn: For Vaginal Dryness

"Sea buckthorn comes with a host of other nutritional benefits. It is extremely rare to find a berry with this unique level of nutritional content. This nutritional favorite is loaded with Vitamins A, C and D in unusual quantities. The high beta carotene content of sea buckthorn is reflected in its orange color in the same manner that carrots and sweet potatoes contain an orange hue. Sea buckthorn contains a number of flavanoids and other healthy EFA’s that may prevent certain forms of cancer. All in all, sea buckthorn has come to international attention due to its extremely nutrient-rich qualities." ~


"Urogenital or vaginal atrophy, the drying and thinning of mucous membranes, affects 40% of postmenopausal women, according to Aromtech. It can also impact younger woman who are breast-feeding or using contraceptive pills.

Sea buckthorn oil is derived from the orange berry-like fruit that grows on sea buckthorn shrubs. The fruit was used for over a thousand years in Chinese medicine and more recently in supplements intended to hydrate skin and slow the ageing process. It has also been linked to relieving dry eye problems." - http://mobile.nutraingredients.com/Research/Sea-buckthorn-oil-backed-for-vaginal-dryness-relief

Amur Corktree Bark:

Tips: Strong antiseptic action in dysentery, enteritis, cystitis, urethritis; also lowers blood pressure and blood sugar
Properties and Taste:Bitter and cold,Bitter in flavor, cold in nature, it is related to the kidney, urinary bladder and large intestine channels.
Meridians:Kidney, urinary bladder and large intestine


To remove damp-heat, quench fire, counteract toxicity, and relieve consumptive fever.
To nourish yin and reduce fire.


1. To clear heat and dry dampness;
2. To reduce fire and release toxins

Clears away heat to eliminate dampness, purges intense heat to remove toxic substances and reduces fever to eliminate any disease characterized by hectic fever.

Indications and Combinations:

1.Dysentery, jaundice and morbid leucorrhea caused by damp-heat; urinary infectious; weakness and edema of legs; consumptive fever and night sweating; seminal emission; sores and skin infection with local redness and swelling; eczema with itching, vaginal discharge ( leucorrhea )

Aloe Vera gel: Anti-fungal, Vaginal Dryness

"You can treat a vaginal infection naturally with Aloe vera, proven to help clear up candidiasis and to prevent recurrences due to its anti-fungal properties. Moreover, Aloe vera rarely causes an irritation. When it does, it is most likely due to additives used in some Aloe products and especially creams. Of course, additives won’t be a problem with Stockton 100% pure Aloe vera gel, which is the raw gel from inside the plant where the healing properties lie.

You can treat a vaginal infection by applying Aloe externally and by drinking the gel for its anti-fungal properties. Four to six ounces Aloe vera gel daily can help manage Candida colonies in the body naturally and to help keep Candida in check. Moreover, continued use may prevent further infections from occurring.

As a preventive measure, it may be beneficial to drink the Aloe vera juice when taking antibiotics." ~ http://www.aloe1.com/vaginal-infections-and-aloe-vera-gel/


Motherwort: Vaginal Dryness, Balance Hormones, PMS, Menopause

"This beautiful pink fuzzy plant, as its name implies, has a host of special benefits for women. Females from puberty to old age find this herb indispensible! If you suffer from PMS, get to know motherwort. It consistently quiets the nervous irritability associated with the premenstrual condition. Motherwort helps restore emotional balance when feeling stressed and tense. It soothes and strengthens the entire nervous system. Motherwort is an excellent tonic for the uterus and reproductive organs, is unfailing at relieving menstrual cramping, and will consistently bring on menstruation when late. Motherwort is a very good herb for girls just coming into puberty and just 10 drops in water a few times a week will help regulate menstruation and ease their transition into womanhood. Also an ally of high repute for the menopausal women, motherwort will balance hormones, moderate mood swings, ease hot flashes, depression and heart palpitations. Motherwort is a gentle heart tonic and very strengthening to the heart and circulatory system. Tests conducted in China have shown motherwort’s ability to relax the heart and other studies have demonstrated this herbs ability to prevent internal blood clots that trigger heart attack. German tests show motherwort’s sedative action and Russian researchers found that it contains chemicals that reduce blood pressure. Typical dose of motherwort is 10-20 drops twice daily, or as needed. " ~http://www.blessedmaineherbs.com/womensherbs.html


is an antioxidant[and has an antimicrobial effect against Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis. It is also known to have wound healing, antitumor, and antithrombotic properties.

Mint oil: Anti-Fungal. Yeast Fighter

Borneol: Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory and Pain reliever

Borneo is derived from a member of the teak tree natively family found in Southeast Asia and Borneo. It is very popular as an adjuvant therapy for a variety of conditions due to its excellent transdermal delivery ability. It helps for the rapid absorption of the ingredients by the vagina while enhancing their therapeutic effects. It also has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.