Gym Waist Trimming Belt


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This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock

: approx waist (22-27 inches) or (57-70 cm)
M: approx waist (28-32 inches) or (72-81 cm)
L: approx waist (32-36 inches) or (81-92 cm) 
X-L: approx waist (36-40 inches) or (92-102 cm)
XX-L: approx waist (40-44 inches) or (102-112 cm)
XXX-L: approx waist (44-50 inches) or (112-127 cm)

High quality breathable elastic fabric, reinforcement belt in the corset, PP strips on the back to enhance the support power

Relive pains and compression for muscle injuries on lower back pain.

  • Keep your figure and waist straight
  • Fastening thelumbar after operation
  • This brace has an additional tourmaline cloth and magnet stones in the front to help relief pain.
  • Help to trim your belly fat and slim your waist as well

  • Features of Waist Lifting Belt :

    • Top quality, material with perfect permeability
    • High elastic fiber cloth, fine texture, soft handle, soft touching feel
    • Double-effect high elastic belts which is tighten and constrictive on 
    • Waist and abdomen, and then reduce weight and sliming waist.
    • Nano infrared thermal acupuncture dot matrix, heating fast and lasting effect
    • Supporting the waist and helping prevent waist secondary injury